“This book quickly drew me in. These journeys are precisely depicted through the author's perceptive eye for detail and his obvious passion for the outdoors.”
Steven Fallon, mountain guide and record-holder for completing all the Munros 15 times

“Scotland has inspired legions of explorers and adventurers; this book will show you why. A wonderful journey through landscape, culture and obsession.”
Myles Farnbank, Director, Wilderness Scotland

"Max Landsberg’s description of Rannoch Moor is one of the best I’ve found so far...."
The Scotsman - November 2013

"An interesting and worthwhile addition to the literature of the Munros and a book worth reading by anyone with an interest in the hills and hillwalking..."
Chris Townsend, one of the world’s most experienced backpackers and outdoor writers November 2013 and Choices of 2013.

"... how a novice hillwalker develops into an experienced Munroist. Along the way his passion for the hills shines through his writing."
TGO magazine January 2104

"There’s no shortage of Munro books but (Max's book) brings something different ... and it works rather well"
Scotland Outdoors - January 2014

"This is a wonderful book that should be read, and will then probably be re-read, by just about anyone with any interest in Scotland's mountains. At one level "The Call of the Mountains" by Max Landsberg is a "how I compleated my round of Munros" book, albeit a particularly well written one. But there is so much more here too…."
Undiscovered Scotland November 2013

Top of the Christmas Reading list
Edinburgh Life November 2013

"…a must read book for all those with an appreciation of adventure and the great scenery of the North..."
Norman Maclean, Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences, and author of "Silent Summer"

"… Distinctive … much of the insight and information that new or would-be baggers need"
Andy Howell, trekking and backpacking blog-master

(NB: the roles indicated below for earlier titles are positions held when the endorsements were made)
The Tao of Motivation
(Continuously in print since 1999)

In sport, it’s easy to have an exciting vision. In business, that’s often more difficult, but the process for turning that goal into reality is just the same. This book shows you how to make vision exciting and how to follow it through.
GREG SEARLE - Olympic Gold-Medallist and World Champion Oarsman

Motivating colleagues is today an essential qualification for the successful manager. Max Landsberg’s Tao of Motivation brings together all the latest thinking in a lively and entertaining form that combines the light touch with serious thinking - a motivational read!
ARCHIE NORMAN - Chairman of ASDA Group plc

In a world of tight deadlines and heavy pressure, motivating people is more important then ever. The Tao of Motivation provides a wealth of practical tips, relevant stories and a good dose of humour.
CAROLYN FAIRBAIRN - Director of Strategy, BBC Worldwide

Few investments are risk-free. Motivation is one of them. This practical and engaging guide helps to show you the way.
ADAIR TURNER – Director-General, Confederation of British Industry

“The author successfully demystifies the murky world of motivation, and offers highly practical advice with customary insight and humour.”
BEN CANNON - Director of Training and Development, Goldman Sachs & Co

“This book is a rich and vivid mix of serious theory, witty practice and handy models. It left me full of ideas, prompted to swing into action, and of course … thoroughly motivated.”
RITA CLIFTON - Chief Executive, Interbrand

“The wise invest in motivating people. This book shows you how.”
CHARLES ALEXANDER - Managing Director, Lehman Brothers

“Interested in motivation? Then buy this book - you’re worth it. Not interested in motivation? Then buy a book on preparing your cv instead.”
PATRICK DUNNE - Director, 3i plc

“Successful leaders inspire ordinary people to achieve the extraordinary. This book is motivational. It will help you get the best out of your colleagues and yourself.”
CHRISTOPHER RODRIGUES - Group Chief Executive, Bradford & Bingley Building Society

“The skill of motivation is neither a charisma contest, nor an impenetrable science. This book provides refreshingly practical insights, and an engaging read.”
ROGER HOLMES - Managing Director, Woolworths plc

“At the heart of leadership is the ability to motivate - whether it comes naturally or not. This book is a must-read. “
RUTH TAIT - Head of PA Executive Search and Selection

Tools of Leadership
(Continuously in print since 2000)
“Leadership: it takes many forms, is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. This book should be of great help not only to the aspiring leader, but also to those who are already in that role.”
HARRY LANGSTAFF - former Brigadier, the British Army

“A valuable stimulus to thought and action.” ROBERT HELLER – founding editor of Management Today

“Succinct yet comprehensive, practical yet entertaining - few management books combine all these traits, but this is one such contribution.” PETROS KALKANIS - European Business Director, Gillette

“By uniting the theoretical and the practical with the entertaining, Max Landsberg reinforces the message that leadership is a skill that can be learned. Much more engaging than your average management 'bible', The Tools of Leadership should inspire whether you are at the top of your organisation's leadership mountain, halfway up it or way down in the valley.” DAMIAN WILD – Editor, Accountancy Age

“A serious treatise on leadership, written in an engaging manner to touch anyone who wishes to be an outstanding leader.” SUSAN BLOCH - Head of Coaching, Hay Management Consultants
“A superb integration between the theory and practice of leadership – an engaging guide for those who wish to be outstanding leaders.” RUTH TAIT - Partner, Korn Ferry Executive Search

The Tao of Coaching
(Continuously in print since 1996)
“I’m making this useful guide required reading for my executive team.”
GEORGE FARR – Vice-Chairman, American Express Company

“Great coaches in sport and business are made not born, and they make themselves by thinking, planning, listening and systematically building their skills. In this book the great coaches of tomorrow have found exactly where to start their journey.”
DAVID KIRK – Captain of the 1987 World Champion All Black rugby team

“Practical, readable and relevant.”
ARCHIE NORMAN – Chairman, Asda Group plc

“An easy-to-read, informative book.”
Management Consultancy

“Effective and motivated people are the key to effective organisations, and high quality coaching is vital to individual performance. This practical and readable guide explains how coaching – though ultimately art not science – can still be improved by thinking, planning and listening.”
ADAIR TURNER – Director-General, Confederation of British Industry

“You can’t be a leader without a following – this book will help you develop others (and yourself).”
VALERIE SCOULAR – Director of Customer Service, British Airways