Scotland: her hills; my journey; your adventure

This book is about a passion for the mountains of Scotland: hills born of primordial crust; rifted and faulted by earthquake and then gouged and shattered by ice; once home to the Gaels and their kings - and now haunted by their spirits and the stag.

The Call of the Mountains Scotland’s mountains may not be the highest in the world, but they are certainly amongst the most awe-inspiring and enchanting.
One day I walked into these mountains, and discovered the secretive glens and bracing ridges, lured by an adventure in which you too can revel, across Scotland's Munros (mountains of 3,000 feet or higher).

Through this account of the journey I hope you may:

Across the swooping moor, through the craggy outcrops, and with silver chuckling burn then spatey cascade as our sometime guide we reach at last the grand summits above.

Our journey takes us across Scotland: from the towering pinnacles of Skye, to the high rolling plateau of the Cairngorms; from the bonnie braes of Ben Lomond to the weeping cliffs of Glencoe; from the rocky battlements that encircle Loch Arkaig, to the gentle folds of Ben Lawers as it spills down to Loch Tay.

And en route to the hundred pots of scenic gold are tales of drama and humour, and sandwich-sized servings of history, geology, and walking science to feed the interested mind.